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Our Mission


At Unique Plant Services we strive to be just what our name says...Unique.


  • Unique in Quality

  • Unique in Service

  • Unique in Dependability


We do this by continually serving our customers in a way designed to build a reputation of complete satisfaction.

About  Unique  Plant  Services

Since 1997 Unique Plant Services, owned and operated by Tom and Sherie Cartwright, has provided quality interior tropical plant services throughout the Middle Tennessee area.


Tom has been in the tropical plant business for over 25 years and will use his experience to incorporate tropical plants into any office or event design.


We offer a wide variety of plants and decorative containers that blend in organic unity to create an atmosphere most pleasing to the senses.​


Whether you're looking for tropical plants to enhance your office or business environment or you're planning an event, Unique Plant Services has something perfectly suited for you.

Serving Middle Tennessee Area